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Fast&Up - Fortify

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Fast&Up Fortify is a monthly pack consisting of 3 tubes, each with 10 effervescent tablets which provides you with just the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals to maintain an optimal bone health.
Bone Health is an integral part of just about everyone’s nutritional routine. Calcium is one of the main bone-forming minerals and 99% of the body’s calcium resides in the skeleton. Fast&Up Fortify provides the highest amount of elemental calcium. Magnesium also works in tandem with Calcium. Low Magnesium levels are associated with an increased incidence of muscle cramps. Vitamin D3 often known as sunshine vitamin is also essential for the development and maintenance of bone for its role in assisting calcium absorption. Vitamin C is an essential cofactor for collagen formation. Vitamin K aids in the binding of calcium to the bone matrix. Vitamin B6 helps prevent bone loss. Also, our bones are at the very center of the “acid-alkaline balance”. They are the guardians of our pH balance. They even give up minerals to restore pH balance. Fast&Up Fortify helps you replenish what is lost.
Building healthy bone throughout life is a strategy to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other bone related problems. Strategize your bones now for a healthy tomorrow. Just drop, dissolve & drink.