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Description The Gear Quiver is a shoulder mounted pack designed to hold your cell phone, electronics, nutrition, etc in a low profile, breathable, super light design. Perfect for lunch time runs, mountain bike rides where bottles are on your bike, and races where hydration isn't a concern. Many are using handheld water bottles in conjunction with this pack for long events. The rear cargo is secured via a top sliding YKK zipper that you can access on the fly. A soft running flask or running water bottle can be put in the back in a pinch too. Inside of it is a pocket for big phones like your Iphone 6+, even in a case. Did we really design something for running and riding primarily around electronics? Well, yes, yes we did. 4 way stretch shoulder pockets for nutrition, electronics, chapstick, etc. Rear 4 way stretch back panel has an interior pocket designed to fit an iPhone 6+ in a Lifeproof case and plenty of room for a light jacket or shirt. Have a tablet phone? We know some of you do, the elastic rear cargo can hold that. Weight 5.7 oz, 162 grams Reflective trim for night time safety. It fits a 1 liter bladder quite well too. Link here if you want to pick one up.